Amazon WebStore vs Yahoo Stores vs eBay

Want more video like this? Tell us here: – When it comes to these three online marketplaces, there really aren’t a lot of differences. When deciding which site is right for you, you’ll need to decide on which features are important to you, and do your research as to what is available.
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13 Responses to Amazon WebStore vs Yahoo Stores vs eBay

  1. jeffhardyfan123able says:

    lol change to amazon now

  2. Baaba2Cold says:

    fuck you guys i use whoever has the best deal on the item i want at the time!

  3. MrMarkphillips132 says:

    if a product doesnt have a image or review & little description but just the price would it be safe to buy from amazon? and also i checked the handeler and customer service is good so i dont know

  4. SurpriseGuest1 says:

    I’m never going to get that 8min 32 sec back am I!?

  5. dapperchap says:

    I’m a web developer for a company in the UK that designs Amazon Webstores for customers and i can tell you that the platform is a nightmare for implementing your design. I think the US version has slightly more functionality available but you’re better off sticking with your seller account. People are more likely going to navigate to amazon anyway to find the item they want.
    If you want a stand alone site with design & eComerce then contact a local WebDev company/freelancer to build you a site.

  6. xxxwaheedxxx says:

  7. Bassisbeastiful says:

    I feel safe whenever I order from Amazon (which is a lot).

  8. GeneralFrankenberry says:

    You havent sold anything on these sites? Why would I value your opinion? Worthless video

  9. stillmattwest says:

    Amazon will in fact ship things for you via their fulfillment service.

  10. SuperPSTutorials says:

    I swear what ever I type in on youtube this guy comes up!

  11. SuperDon10000 says:

    watch my video

  12. GrantCucio says:

    what sells the best quality of things ebay or amazon?need some help please.

  13. goofyDAdog says:

    I hate Ebay. I use I LOVE them. its free and has non of the E BAY bs! Spread the word.

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