Re: @kevinrose | Old Spice

On Twitter, @kevinrose wrote “i’m considering buying old spice body wash just so they keep making these epic commercials – ”

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24 Responses to Re: @kevinrose | Old Spice

  1. DrakeAyaname says:


    (Binary code for “PLEASE COME BACK TO US!” :[ )

  2. ILearnedtoplayWow22 says:

    I’m sorry my brain exploded.

  3. Lazirousstone says:

    Chuck norris thought about it and he won But then again he’s not human hes much more…… much more.

  4. WaterDancer9 says:

    “and thats just not healthy” <3

  5. fulfination says:

    It should be 0111010001101000011000010110111001101011001000000111100101101111011101010000110100001010

    … So close.

  6. HXCZed says:

    waiting for the boom

  7. SupperShadowBoom says:

    @OsxinBraveheart you are a strange man

  8. EeveelutionLord says:

    I imagined it and my brain didn’t explode!……Oh wait, never mind…

  9. 16rapids says:

    98% muscle 1% ear cartlege what’s the othar 1%?

  10. ReamiSotsku says:


  11. Coolioyo1000 says:

    their brain would explode….and that’s just not healthy LMFAO

  12. MrMrC00L says:

    Look at the top two comments. Back to mine. Back to the top two. Now back to mine. Sadly, they aren’t mine. But if you stopped handing out thumbs up so freely, they could LOOK like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? Watching in awe as this comment gains thumbs up. look down, now back up. I have it, the ability to gain thumbs up by posting something so simple-minded. Look again, now stop.

    Anything is possible on YouTube. I’m on a MAC

  13. xxxfunnyguyxx08 says:

    Look at your comment. Back to mine. Back to yours NOW BACK TO MINE. Sadly, it isn’t mine. But if you stopped trolling and started posting legitimate crap it could LOOK like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re scrolling through comments, finding the ones that your comment could look like. Back at mine, what is it? It’s a highly effective counter-troll. Look again, MY COMMENT NOW HAS MANY THUMBS UP.

    Anything is possible when you don’t copy and paste. im onachair

  14. TheRedLobsterMan says:

    my brain didnt explode

  15. ababafekede says:


  16. AstoundedPink says:

    I love this guy.

  17. c0decub says:

    @OsxinBraveheart If you think it’s cool why are you calling me ignorant all of a sudden? Are you bi-polar?

  18. OsxinBraveheart says:

    @c0decub Cool guy, replying to a comment from over a month ago. I understand it’s binary. You know you can translate binary, right?

    Just making sure you understand that your comment was ignorant. 😉

  19. c0decub says:

    @OsxinBraveheart It’s binary not numeric

  20. imdanadana says:

    @MsLadyblabla HE IS FREEEEKING SEXY!!!!!

  21. tekilatree says:

    @thehawkman27 manly sperm?

  22. SpadesHeart says:

    @salazargm well…spam isn’t.

  23. ScrubsRocks4Ever says:

    @thehawkman27 2 ears.

  24. MsLadyblabla says:

    He’s so cocky and bigheaded but I find him sexy.. =S

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